Kent touts new emissions standards for cars as he heads to tense talks in Doha

The Canadian Press
November 27, 2012

OTTAWA - On the eve of global climate talks that will put Canada's contentious policies under the microscope, Ottawa is rolling out its next set of rules to cut greenhouse gases from cars and light trucks.

Environment Minister Peter Kent says he is matching U.S. emissions standards for models built between 2017 and 2025.

He says by the end of that period, cars will be spewing half the amount of greenhouse gas emissions they were in 2008, and will be consuming half as much fuel.

The savings on gas will amount to $900 a year per vehicle over current consumption levels.

Kent says the measures show Canada's sector-by-sector approach to regulating emissions is working — a case that he will take next week to Doha, Qatar, where he says he hopes to dispel myths about Canada's environmental record.

Now that the Kyoto protocol is expiring, the Doha talks are focused on forging a binding international treaty to reduce emissions.