Kent police pull robbery suspect from stolen car moments before it bursts into flames

A car robbery suspect narrowly missed being burned, but couldn’t avoid being booked into jail.

Kent Police received a LoJack alert for a stolen Chevy Tahoe near West James and Washington back in mid November. The alert noted the suspect was armed and stole the SUV in Tacoma.

The robbery happened around 6:50 a.m. on Nov. 11, 2023.

Officers spotted the SUV in a dead end but couldn’t tell if anyone was inside. Police then laid out spike strips and tried talking to whoever was inside.

As it turns out, there was a driver behind the wheel of the SUV. The 21-year old Kent resident reportedly drove up onto the sidewalk, avoided the spike strips, and fled.

Since the vehicle was involved in an armed robbery, officers were able to legally pursue it, according to Kent Police.

The SUV was chased into Auburn where it crashed into the back of a semi truck. The driver climbed out of the window and onto the hood of the Tahoe.

Police were able to pull him off the hood and arrest him moments before the SUV broke into flames.

The suspect was booked for possession of a stolen vehicle and eluding. It turns out, he was arrested the previous month for being inside a stolen car. Police also learned the suspect was healing from being shot a week before the prior arrest.

Crews from Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority were able to put out the fire. The driver of the semi-truck that the SUV ran into was not injured and the trailer wasn’t damaged in the crash.