Keene resident won't face charges in fatal shooting last May, AG says

May 3—A Keene man's claim of self-defense in the fatal shooting of another man last year "cannot be disproved," and the shooter won't face any criminal charges, the Attorney General's Office said Wednesday.

Keene police responded to 6 Green St. at about 8:40 p.m. on Friday, May 13, 2022, where they found Kristopher Chagnon, 27, outside and suffering from a gunshot wound, a news release from the Attorney General's Office said.

An autopsy determined Chagnon's cause of death was a single gunshot wound, ruling it a homicide, prosecutors said.

The shooter, identified by police as Shane Frazier, 35, fired one shot from his rifle, killing Chagnon. Frazier claimed self-defense in the shooting, prosecutors said.

According to a report issued by the Attorney General's Office, Frazier left his home on Green Street in Keene on May 13 to do errands and get his three children food from McDonald's. When Frazier left, the report says, his oldest child stayed inside while the middle child went outside and played.

Around 8:30 p.m., Frazier returned home with his youngest child and the food. His oldest was in the home when he arrived, but not the middle child. Frazier located him next door.

"According to the people who were next door, Frazier was upset at his child, and was yelling at the child, grabbing the child's hair, and started dragging the child home," the report says. "Mr. Frazier and his child denied that occurred."

As Frazier and his child walked home, the report says, they were followed by a group of people that included Alicia Bickford, Avery Dobbins, and two minors, ages 16 and 15.

"Mr. Frazier said that the group of people following him were verbally hostile to him and were yelling and swearing at him about a variety of things, including that he was a bad parent," the report says.

Once home, Frazier went inside with his child and closed the door, the report says. The four people who had been following him gathered outside his home, with some knocking on the door.

Kristopher Chagnon joined the group of people outside Frazier's home. Frazier told investigators that he "heard a female enter his home, became concerned about her presence and got his rifle from his bedroom and made it ready to fire."

The woman Frazier heard inside his home walked back outside as Frazier went to the front door to close it, the report says.

"As that happened, Mr. Frazier said that a man (Mr. Chagnon) ran up the stairs to Mr. Frazier's porch, pushed the door open, and got in Mr. Frazier's 'face,'" the report says. "Mr. Frazier said that he told Mr. Chagnon 'to get the f— back or I'm gonna shoot!' Mr. Chagnon grabbed the dumbbell that was on Mr. Frazier's porch and attempted to swing it at Mr. Frazier's face. Mr. Chagnon then used the dumbbell to push the door open and enter Mr. Frazier's home."

"That is when Mr. Frazier said that he tripped over someone (one of his children) and/or something in the kitchen and fired his rifle toward the front door or ceiling area of his home," the report says. " Mr. Chagnon 'stumbled back' after the shot was fired and went outside."

The four people who were with Chagnon gave a different version of events, investigators said.

The report concludes there is some evidence supporting Frazier's self-defense claim.

"However, given the conflicting witness statements, the evidence is not sufficiently certain to permit a finding of justification by this Office for Mr. Frazier's actions under the law," the report says. "Regardless, the totality of the evidence is sufficient to make Mr. Frazier's self-defense claim a legitimate issue in the event Mr. Frazier was charged with causing Mr. Chagnon's death."