KC Pet Project helping injured dog shot by crossbow

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Animal services officers are investigating a case of extreme animal cruelty.

KC Pet Project is nursing a dog back to health after it was shot by someone with a crossbow. They’re calling the dog Artemis. Animal control officers with that agency discovered her on the porch of a home in east Kansas City on April 20. The dog still had the arrow or dart hanging from her body with a deep puncture wound.

The Pet Project posted photos of Artemis’ wounds to social media. We’ll advise you — the photos are extremely graphic.

“She’s obviously very injured,” Tori Fugate, KC Pet Project’s spokesperson, said.

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Fugate said Artemis is recovering after being treated by the clinic’s staff. She added that it’s unclear if the dog is a stray of she has an owner.

“It took a long time to get the crossbow out of her safely. They had to break pieces off it, too just to get that arrow removed,” Fugate said.

The surgery to remove the arrow took hours. Animal services officers found her at a home near Montgall Park at 22nd and Benton. Ryan Johnson, KC Pet Project’s Chief of Animal Services, said officers are searching that area for answers, and they want to know who did this.

“It’s an absolute miracle that this dog was able to survive. It’s my understanding that arrow and the way it entered the dog, it truly missed so many vital organs, and the dog is here resting and is expected to make a full recovery,” Johnson said on Tuesday.

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On Tuesday afternoon, the Pet Project told FOX4 Artemis is ready to be adopted. Investigators are still hopeful to hold the shooter responsible.

Anonymous tips regarding who shot the dog are welcome. KC Pet Project’s anonymous reporting phone and email address can be found here. The Pet Project is hopeful for donations to cover the expense of Artemis’ surgery.

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