How Katie Couric landed on her grandmother name, ‘Gogo’

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Grandma, Granny, Nana, MeeMaw ... of all of the versions of grandmother names she could have chosen, Katie Couric selected "Gogo."

The former TODAY co-anchor became a first-time grandmother on March 23, at 8:23 a.m. when her daughter Ellie Monahan and son-in-law Mark Dobrosky welcomed their first child, John Albert Dobrosky, into the world.

In an Instagram post, Couric, 67, shared the origin of her grandson's name: “He will be called Jay in honor of his maternal grandfather. Albert is after Mark’s paternal grandfather. Mom and Dad (Ellie and Mark) are over the moon 🌕 (it was a full moon). I am thrilled to have my first grandchild."

As for the origin of her grandmother name, Couric wrote on her website that she couldn't choose "Kiki" because it was her sister's nickname. She was interested in "Gigi" but thought it was too common.

"I decided on Gogo after a friend told me that was what she used," Couric wrote. "Plus it seemed fitting, because I'm like the Energizer Bunny, always on the go-go."

Couric shared a sweet photo of her and baby Jay making the same "surprised" expression. In the image, Couric is wearing a sweater that she had originally had embroidered with "Gigi" and then changed to "Gogo."

"But this boy can call me whatever he wants," she added.

Couric wrote that although she is "sharing photos of the baby as a very modern baby announcement," her daughter and son-in-law "don't want their baby to be featured on social media."

Though it will likely be frustrating for a proud grandmother to hold back on posting photos, Couric said that she's "actually so proud of them for feeling that way" since she's been concerned about the impact of featuring children online before they have a healthy view of themselves.

"This little guy deserves to grow up in private," she wrote.

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