Kate Winslet: 'Titanic 3D' Feels Like Audiences Are Watching My 'Home Videos'

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Kate Winslet chats with Access Hollywood in London on March 26, 2012 -- Access Hollywood

"Titanic" is steaming back into theaters in April (this time in 3-D) to celebrate the blockbuster's 15th anniversary, and Kate Winslet says having a new crop of audiences watch her work from 1997 is slightly embarrassing.

"It is like somebody saying, 'You know that home video we made of you 16 years ago that took seven-and-a-half months to make? Well, we're going to bring it out again and we're going to ask everybody to watch it,'" the Oscar-winning star told Access Hollywood correspondent Tim Vincent at a junket for "Titanic 3D" in London on Monday.

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"And the biggest grossing home video," Tim added.

"The biggest grossing home video and they're going to premiere it at the Royal Albert Hall," Kate continued. "It's like, my God!"

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While the epic film's re-release is nerve-wracking, the 36-year-old star admits James Cameron's filmmaking talents are highlighted by the addition of 3-D technology.

"I will say this: it does look incredible on the piece that I've seen -- it looks amazing," Kate told Tim. "There's a sequence in the engine room after the ship has hit the iceberg which is so, so amazing and it really does bring it to life even more than it does in the original.

"So, I will say that much for it," she added. "It's spectacular and overwhelming in all the right ways."

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In addition to changes to Kate's acting over the years, the actress says she's surprised by how her facial features have matured since filming "Titanic" with Leonardo DiCaprio over a decade ago.

"My face shape is completely different, my features seem older," she told Tim. "I didn't think that when I imagined myself in my kind of later 30s when I was 20, 21 years old, you know -- I think when you're younger you imagine yourself kind of really looking old and wrinkly and kind of passed it. [But] now, you know, I can sort of look in the mirror and go, 'Two kids, not bloody bad!'"

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"Titanic 3D" hits theaters on April 4.

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