Kate Middleton Wins Injunction Against Magazine That Ran Her Topless Photos

Dashiell Bennett
September 18, 2012
Kate Middleton Wins Injunction Against Magazine That Ran Her Topless Photos

A French court has granted an injunction on behalf of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with the court ordering a French magazine to turn over all their copies of Kate Middleton's topless photos and preventing their further publication. The injunction comes with a fine of €10,000 for every day that they take to comply, or if the photos are published or sold again.

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The royal couple is still seeking damages and criminal charges against Closer and the photographer who snapped the princess while sunbathing at a private home in France. While the magazine will have to turn over its original copies of the photos, it's too late to recall the magazine, which has been on sale for days and spread around the internet, as well. The magazine faces more fines if the pictures are resold, but the company that runs the magazine says the photos aren't theirs to sell. The French edition of Closer is owned by Mondadori, an Italian publishing group controlled by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. 

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Also, the ruling only applies in France, but the pictures already appeared in the Italian magazine Chi and a newspaper editor in Ireland has also been suspended for publishing one of the photos in the Irish Daily Star.