Kate Middleton Takes Phone Call From Fan Who Couldn't Travel For Coronation

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Kate Middleton might’ve eased the disappointment from one fan in the U.S. who was reportedly unable to travel for King Charles’ coronation in London.

In a video posted Friday by BBC News correspondent Chi Chi Izundu, the Princess of Wales is seen speaking on a phone and asking, “Are you feeling OK?”

She later adds, “I hope you get better soon.”

Kate was talking to the aunt of a Texas woman named Debbie Hoover, who was in a crowd near Buckingham Palace on Friday. The aunt, who lives in Tennessee, couldn’t fly to the U.K. for the British monarch’s ceremony Saturday because she broke her leg, according to Izundu.

The call took place as Charles, Kate and Prince William held a surprise walkabout to greet supporters gathered by the palace.

Another person in the crowd, Theresa Iredale, told The Associated press that she trembled when Charles approached her after she yelled to him.

“I saw his hand coming out to mine and I was like, ‘I can’t believe I’m shaking the king’s hand,’” Iredale said.

Both Charles and Queen Camilla are set to be crowned at Westminster Abbey as part of this weekend’s event. Other coronation festivities include a Sunday concert at Windsor Castle, where Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and others are scheduled to perform.

Richie told “Extra” last month that the invitation to participate in the show was a “highlight” in his life.

“I’m walking in history,” he said.