Karl Lagerfeld Shoots Cara Delevingne For The Cover Of Melissa Magazine

Karl Lagerfeld Shoots Cara Delevingne For The Cover Of Melissa Magazine
Karl Lagerfeld Shoots Cara Delevingne For The Cover Of Melissa Magazine

Cara Delevingne, what hasn't she done? She has over 500,000 Twitter followers, has walked in everything at fashion week from Peter Pilotto to Versace, is a Burberry girl, has a string of campaigns and those eyebrows have bagged a number of magazine covers. Oh and she is Rita Ora's 'wifey' and had lunch with the one and only Kate Moss. We didn't think there was anything left on her fashion bucket list... but Cara has now been shot by Karl Lagerfeld.

We didn't think she could beat her i-D cover (you know the one where she has an actual tarantula on her actual eye), but now she has appeared on the cover of Plastic Dreams (the in-house magazine of shoe giant Melissa) with fashion's fairy god father - the almighty Karl Lagerfeld. On the cover she is sat on a bench and Karl stands over her with his hands on her shoulders. We're no experts in body language, but we reckon this means Cara D is being blessed as one of his new muses (or something like that).

For the ninth issue of the mag, Melissa have teamed up with Karl on the cover and on a stonking 30 pages inside. He is part of the Melissa family, as you might remember Karl has signed up for four seasons with the jelly shoe giant, designing an exclusive collection of shoes. But back to team Karl and Cara, he shot a mahoosive 16-page fashion shoot with the bushy browed super in his photo studio on the Rue de Lille in Paris. How we wish we were a fly on the wall in that photo shoot sesh.

Cara D wears looks from the first capulse collection by Karl Lagerfeld, including a shoe she wears on top of her pony tail. As you do. It's not the first time the duo have joined fashion forces, as Cara regularly walks in Chanel. Any one else think a Karl Cara combo is as good as the time that he appeared in Snoop Dogg's video?

The mag might be Brazilian but panic not, you will still be able to see the shots as it is distribted to Melissa's clients, is on sale in 30 countries and there are digital versions. Cara might be London's girl of the moment, but this cover hints she will also explode in Brazil as this magazine has a circulation of 300,000 in Brazil and 70,000 abroad. 

Still wanna see more of Queen Delevingne? Take a look through her style evolution below...

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