Kari Lake's Choice Of Rally Music Has People Howling

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Kari Lake managed to make quite the entrance during a rally in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Wednesday night.

The former GOP gubernatorial nominee took the stage with Lenny Kravitz’s rendition of “American Woman” playing before she announced yet another legal challenge to the results of last year’s gubernatorial race, which she lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs but refuses to concede.

According to right-wing outlet Gateway Pundit, Lake told the crowd she is seeking an “expedited review” of her case, which has already seen its claims dismissed by multiple judges in Arizona. Lake went on to claim, without citing any evidence, that the U.S. Supreme Court is “interested” in hearing her challenge.

Though the former news anchor was hoping to hype up her lies about losing the 2022 election as she mulls a potential campaign for U.S. Senate, people online were distracted by her strange choice of entrance music.

Many questioned if Lake had ever bothered to listen to the lyrics to “American Woman.”

“You mean the song that goes - ‘American woman - STAY AWAY FROM ME,’” said one Twitter user. “THIS IS EFFING HILARIOUS!!!!!”

Others wondered whether Kravitz was aware that Lake had used his song.

“I hope Lenny Kravitz is getting paid for the use of his work and if not I hope he files and wins a legal action for unlicensed public performance,” a second person tweeted, adding, “Yes, please stay away from me Kari Lake.”

Music buffs pointed out another irony — that “American Woman” was written by a Canadian band, the Guess Who.

“So much for America First,” said a third Twitter user, referencing the right-wing slogan.

Lake has been on a mission to overturn the results of Arizona’s gubernatorial election since Hobbs bested her by about 17,000 votes in November.

The Arizona Court of Appeals rejected Lake’s challenge in February, and the state Supreme Court declined to hear most of her appeal in March, while sending one claim back to a trial court.

But she appeared to be running out of options last month after a Maricopa County Superior Court judge dismissed her remaining claim.