Kari Lake supporter gets read for FILTH by their own party & X is ROASTING

Kari Lake
Kari Lake
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Yesterday, a supporter of MAGA queen and election denier Kari Lake was expertly shut down by Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer in one of the most satisfying tweets we've read in a long time.

Aubrey Savela, a field representative for Turning Point Action — the political advocacy arm of the far-right organization Turning Point USA — took to X (formerly Twitter) to call the validity of Arizona's mail-in ballots into question.

The Trump loyalist and Lake stan tried and failed miserably to prove Lake was right about elections in Maricopa country being rigged by posting a photo of the two mail-in ballots she received.

"Maricopa county at its finest…," she posted. "My first time ever voting in a presidential preference election and I received not one but two mail-in ballots. Thank you @stephen_richer."

But Richer, a Republican himself, wasn't going to let this uninformed, ridiculous attempt to undermine the election stand. Instead, he came up with the facts and used her own photo as a receipt.

"Hi Aubrey! Thanks for reaching out," he commented on her post. "You changed your voter registration on the last day of voter registration (Feb. 20) from your Chandler address to your new Tempe address."

He continued, "Because early ballots must go out on Feb. 21, your Chandler ballot was already set to go out, and so it did. Then we sent out a new ballot to your Tempe address when we processed your voter registration modification. That's why you had to redact out different lengths in the address (because they were sent to different addresses)."

We love an expert call-out! Could this be the one time when we side with a Republican?

"You'll also notice that one of packet codes ends in' 01' (the one to your old address) and one ends in' 02' (the one sent to your new address). As soon as the' 02' one goes out, the' 01' packet is dead. Meaning even if you sent it back, it wouldn't proceed to signature verification, and it wouldn't be opened. That's how we prevent people from voting twice," he explained.

"Hope this helps! Have a great night! Happy voting!"

Richer's response is particularly delicious because last year he filed a defamation lawsuit against Lake when she refused to stop claiming that he "sabotaged" her 2022 race for Arizona governor, which she lost to Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs, the Arizona Mirror reports.

The anti-drag politician blamed Richer for everything from adding 300,000 bogus ballots to trying to keep her from winning by taking part in a plan to print incorrectly sized ballot images.

Luckily, so far, the court hasn't sided with Lake's claim that Richer is suing her to chill her right to political speech, and her two attempts to get the case thrown out have both failed,

Richer was a sniper with his response to the ill-informed tweet from Lake's minion, but the comments under the post were also equally brutal and hilarious.

"Congrats on losing the internet today," one person commented.

"Jesus you got dumpstered in your own post lying about elections," another person wrote.

"Hahahahah, oh man, this is too good! Nothing like hinted at fraud being destroyed by the extreme competence of @stephen_richer. I would be too embarrassed to leave this post up, but you do you @aubrey_savela," someone quipped.

Sadly, Lake losing fair and square to a Democrat hasn't stopped her political aspirations. Now she's running for a U.S. Senate seat against pro-LGBTQ+ Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego, Queerty reports.

Gallego has already raised millions more in campaign donations than she has, so we'll likely continue hearing more unfounded cries of election fraud when she inevitably loses.

And they call us "snowflakes." Puh-lease.

Keep scrolling to see more funny comments left on Aubrey Savela's ludicrous post!