Kansas state trooper praises Broncos’ Drew Lock, whose windshield was shattered on I-70

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This is one drive that Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock won’t soon forget.

Lock, the former Lee’s Summit High School and Mizzou star, was driving across Interstate 70 in Kansas when a lug nut crossed the median and shattered his windshield.

Kansas state trooper Ben Gardner shared photos of Lock’s car on his social-media platforms:

In an interview with Evan Kruegel of KDVR-TV in Denver, Gardner praised Lock for staying safe after the scary incident.

“He did what we want and he was alert and he was quick to react and start taking the actions needed to keep himself and others safe,” Gardner said. “So you know, braking, slowing, moving away to the right, all the things that are good to keep himself safe on the roadway, as well as probably on the field.”

Gardner said when he first arrived on the scene, he didn’t realize it was Lock.

“When I got there I was the first trooper on scene,” Gardner said. “When I walked up there, I was just making small talk with him, because clearly no one was hurt. So we were trying to assess what was going on and as we were walking up to his vehicle, my first thing to him was like, ‘Man, you should take a picture of this and posted it to go viral.’

“And then he handed me his license. And I then recognized who I was dealing with and said, ‘Yeah, certainly if you post this it’ll go viral.’”