Kaitlin Doubleday Compares ‘Nashville’ To ‘Empire’

Kaitlin Doubleday is back on a musical drama, but it’s not “Empire.” Her character Rhonda was killed off the hip-hop drama last year, so now the actress is headed to a different TV show about the music industry — “Nashville.” Doubleday revealed what she believes is different about the two shows.

“It’s just odd that I would come from one musical drama to the only other musical drama,” Doubleday said in a new CMT promo video for Season 5. “It seems a little bit easier on ‘Nashville’ to cohesively blend the storylines with a song that’s meaningful. [On ‘Empire,’ it] seemed more difficult because there were really only two or three people that sang.”

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Doubleday, unfortunately, wasn’t really given the chance to show off her pipes on “Empire,” but that’ll change on “Nashville” Season 5. “I definitely wanted to sing on ‘Empire’ all the time, and I got to come and sing here!” she said.

Nashville Season 5 Jessie Caine
Nashville Season 5 Jessie Caine

Kaitlin Doubleday left hip-hop drama “Empire,” but she is now part of “Nashville,” where she will get to sing. Photo: CMT

The actress is playing Jessie Caine, a character who returns to Music City after a few scandalous years. Her life was torn apart and her ex took custody of her son away from her. Now, Jessie is returning to music and trying to clean up her life. She’ll get some help from a man who knows scandal well, Deacon Claybourne (Charles Esten).

“[She] is coming back to Nashville to take back her life, basically,” Doubleday said. “She’s been going in this rabbit hole of hell with her ex and is now finally coming to and taking her life back and getting back in the music business and starting at the bottom again.”

Jessie might have some trouble adjusting to getting back on stage, but Doubleday seems to have adapted to Nashville quickly. “I could live here forever,” she said. “Everyone’s so nice, it’s been awesome. The food’s amazing, the music’s amazing and I’m in love with it.”

Watch her interview below:

So what exactly happened to Jessie? It isn’t really clear. Co-showrunner Marshall Herskovitz told the Hollywood Reporter that her past would provide plenty of drama. Audiences can also expect to find out just how determined Jessie is.

“Something very terrible happened to her in her life. I don’t mean physically like an accident, I mean like an interpersonal trauma and it had to do with a husband and a child and there’s a lot of story to tell there,” he said. “It has a continuing impact on her life right now. So she’s someone who is trying to overcome a challenge in her life, and I’m always attracted to characters like that, who may be flawed, who maybe bad things happen to them, but they don’t give up.”

When “Nashville” Season 5 returns, Jessie won’t be the only mama with drama. Scarlett (Clare Bowen) revealed she is expecting a child in the midseason finale cliffhanger, but she didn’t know if the father would be Gunnar (Sam Palladio) or Damien (Christian Coulson). Fans won’t have to wait long for a paternity test to reveal the truth.

The midseason premiere of “Nashville” Season 5 airs Thursday, June 1 at 9 p.m. EDT on CMT. Find out how to see the cast in concert this summer HERE.

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