Justin Timberlake's 'Suit & Tie' Video Is Just as Justin Timberlake-y as Expected

Esther Zuckerman

At the Grammys he made our screens go sepia tone, and now, in his new, black-and-white, David Fincher-directed music video for the much hyped comeback single "Suit & Tie," Justin Timberlake continues to try and prove that he's a classy neo-Rat Pack star. That is, he's a classy neo-Rat Pack star with a nearly naked women writhing around him and lot of "cool" modern conveniences like his iPad. See, JT gets rolled, via bed, into a soundstage-type area reading such a device: 

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Before he starts performing the song at a venue that appears to be Los Angeles' Hollywood Bowl, JT and Jay-Z are just kind of chilling, because remember these are two improbably famous bros with a lot of fancy amenities: 

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There are references to Singin' in the Rain-type films: 

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And then, later on, hot girls in puddles on a stage because such is the life of Justin Timberlake, apparently: 

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Watch the entire video here, and remember it was directed by Fincher, so they all probably did a million takes of every shot