Justin Bieber Lost His Pet Monkey in Germany

Connor Simpson
The Atlantic Wire

The tiny Canadian pixie known as Justin Bieber tried to take one of his animal pals into Germany with him late Friday evening, but German health officials weren't as keen on the idea: they took Bieber's pet monkey and put it in quarantine. What's that? You have no idea Justin Bieber had a pet monkey, either? Join the club!

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The U.K. Sun reported Bieber and his new pal, Mally, a pet capuchin monkey given to him by producer Mally Mall earlier this week, had to be separated by customs officials when Bieber landed in Germany for a new leg of shows in Europe. A German official confirmed the story with the Associated Press. 

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Bieber didn't have the appropriate paperwork to fly a freaking monkey into a European country, and so he was detained for a while and the monkey was confiscated. Bieber now faces a $15,000 fine and he'll have to pay Germany for whatever costs come with taking care of a monkey. He'll get his new friend back as soon as he pays the fine and files some appropriate paperwork. 

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So, yeah, Bieber had a pet monkey for a week before losing it because he didn't consider the consequences for bringing a monkey into Europe. As TMZ points out, the Biebs doesn't have a great history with pets. But he's apparently very attached to this chimp, even drawing comparisons to Michael Jackson's relationship with a monkey named Bubbles. 

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Oh, Justin. You spit on a neighbor earlier this week and then some nice Canadian woman called you a douche and now you have (er, had) a pet monkey. What's next with you? We won't be surprised, whatever it is. It's almost time Bieber be inducted into "The Tyson Zone."