'New Justin Bieber' goes viral


Cape Town – A video posted on YouTube featuring a rendition of the Luther Vandross ballad Dance With My Father Again by a young Filipino boy, Aldrich Lloyd Talonding, has gone viral.

The video, which features Aldrich belting out the song while his cousin accompanies him on the guitar is reminiscent of a 13-year-old Justin Bieber who shot to fame when his impressive homemade videos were spotted on YouTube, eventally catching the eye of RnB singer Usher who took the young Canadian under his wing.

Aldrich's video was posted on YouTube on 21 April and has already garnered more than 370 000 views.

According to Take40, campaigns to get Aldrich on The Ellen DeGeneres Show have already started.

Watch Aldrich Lloyd Talonding's rendition of Dance With My Father Again here: