Justin Bieber Crashes Johnny Depp Press Conference

February 13, 2011
Johnny Depp, insert: Justin Bieber -- Getty Images

From swash-buckling pirate to Justin Bieber fan? It's true!

Screen icon Johnny Depp has admitted to being stricken with Bieber fever - luckily, the remedy himself heard the call and answered just in time!

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"A Belieber? I've actually never heard that one," Johnny laughed, when asked about his feelings towards The Beibs by the radio show, The Hollywood 5, at a junket for his upcoming animated film, "Rango," at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel on Saturday. "That is my favorite.

"And you know what? Yes, I am a Belieber," Johnny admitted. "I am. And I shall remain so."

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And just like magic, the 16-year-old Canadian superstar - who just happened to be staying at the same hotel -- came strolling in to the delight and shock of the audience.

"We just established that I'm a Belieber," Johnny exclaimed.

"I'm a big fan of you, so, I had to come support you!" the Biebs told Johnny, to rousing cheers. "I had to come say hi! I heard you were in the building."

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"OK, who's not a Belieber now?" Johnny asked. "Aren't we all Beliebers?

"How am I gonna explain this to my daughter?" he added.

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As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com , Bieber Fever has once again taken the nation by storm, infecting adults and tweens alike due to Friday's release of his new 3-D documentary concert film, "Never Say Never," which chronicles the young superstar's rise to fame.

On Friday, the film took in $12.5 million at the U.S. box office.

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