Justin Bieber has beef with Bill Clinton [VIDEO]

Maybe Justin Bieber blames former President Bill Clinton for the country’s latest economic downturn.

Perhaps he still has residual anger from the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal, even though he was only 18 months old when that whole thing went down. Or maybe — just maybe — Justin Bieber is just a dick.

Whatever it is, something caused the petulant pop star to yell “Fuck Bill Clinton” at a photo of the former president and potential first gentleman.

In cell phone footage obtained by TMZ of Bieber taken earlier this year at a New York City nightclub, Bieber is seen acting like a little fool by urinating into a mop bucket. He then walks up the stairs with a spray bottle of cleaning liquid, squirts it at a framed photo of Clinton and hurls the F-bomb at him as if Bieber just caught Clinton making out with Selena Gomez or something.


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Justin Bieber has beef with Bill Clinton [VIDEO]

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