‘I was just stunned;’ Major flooding reported in the Miami Valley after storms

Fire crews spent nearly two hours rescuing a woman who drove around a road closed sign and got her car stuck in high water in Miami County.

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This happened around 6:18 a.m. near Lost Creek Prairier on Tipp Elizabeth Road between State Routes 202 and 571.

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As of Wednesday afternoon, the car was still sitting in three-feet-deep water, The Tipp City Fire Department said it will stay there until the water goes down.

One Tipp City resident, Michael, was relieved to hear that the Tipp City fire department did confirm the woman driving the car was rescued and is safe considering he went through the same thing as a kid when his parents’ car got stuck in flood water.

“My parents didn’t see it cause it was in the dark and the water was raging,” he said. “As a kid I remember our parents carrying us through it, holding each other, holding on to the car, trying to get to the other side.”

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According to the Tipp City Fire Department, the driver called 911 after she drove around a road-closed sign and ultimately got stuck.

Dan Wirrig and his wife Brenda were shocked someone would ignore the road closed sign considering how often the area floods.

“They close this road down, maybe two, three or four times a year,” Wirrig said. “This is the first time we’ve seen these fields just completely inundated, these are farm fields.”

Michael told News Center 7 the area will typically flood at least once every spring.

“We come down here every time it fills and it’s so interesting to see, but this I haven’t seen in about five years,” he said. “When I saw this I was just stunned.”

Fire crews want people to understand it is not a good idea to drive through flooded streets, because you can’t tell how deep it is.

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