How jury selection will work in the Donald Trump hush money trial

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How do you pick a jury when the defendant is the former U.S. president? Here's how the selection will go in Donald Trump's criminal trial.

Video Transcript

- How do you pick a jury that can fairly Judge Donald Trump? It's the first time a former president has been on trial, let alone a criminal one. So picking a group of 12 impartial jurors and six alternates comes with its challenges.

To start, a pool of potential jurors will be selected based on specific requirements. From there, lawyers on both sides will get to reject a limited number of them based on what they believe gives them the best chance of winning. The goal here isn't to assemble an equal balance of Democrats and Republicans. Instead, the court is aiming to select impartial jurors who can put their personal opinions aside in favor of evidence and the law.

In fact, lawyers aren't allowed to ask jurors who they voted for or whether they've donated to any political causes. There are questions that will help root out any biases. Like, where do potential jurors get their news? Have they ever attended rallies for or against Trump? And do they follow the former president on social media?

This process could take days, but it's important since eventually they'll decide whether Trump is guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records and have the potential to influence the 2024 presidential election.