Jury Duty: Where is Ronald Gladden now?

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Jury Duty: Where is Ronald Gladden now? Amazon Freevee
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Jury Duty, Amazon Freevee's new documentary-style comedy series, has officially taken the internet by storm – and for good reason.

The new series follows the inner workings of a three-week civil trial in an LA courtroom. The catch? Every single person involved is an actor except one, Ronald Gladden, who's completely unaware that the bizarre situations unfolding before him have been meticulously planned out.

It's basically The Truman Show meets The Office, which pretty much makes it the perfect show.

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Amazon Freevee

The ruse began when Ronald responded to a vague Craigslist ad recruiting eligible jurors for a documentary about the jury deliberation process. What Ronald didn't know is that he would be joined on the 'jury' by a cast of improvisational actors, as well as Westworld's James Marsden, who plays a hilariously self-absorbed version of himself.

What ensues is utter chaos, as Ronald is put to the test by practical jokes and unusual requests from his eccentric co-stars jurors. Fortunately for the actors pranking him, Ronald just happens to be the nicest guy ever.

According to Marsden, one peculiar juror named Todd was supposed to creep Ronald out (via USA Today). But Ronald takes Todd under his wing and even shows him the Pixar film A Bug's Life, in which he compares the main character's passion for invention to Todd's, telling him that "those people tend to be misunderstood in society".

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Amazon Freevee

The charade was all revealed by the presiding judge (Alan Barinholtz) in Jury Duty's final episode today (April 21), and Ronald, of course, found the elaborate set-up hilarious.

But what has he been up to since Jury Duty wrapped filming?

Where is Ronald Gladden now?

ronald gladden, jury duty
Amazon Freevee

Ronald's life hasn't changed much in the year since Jury Duty wrapped filming. He's still working as a project manager in San Diego, and he told Primetimer that he hadn't told anyone about his time on the show until the first episode aired.

"I'm not the type of person where I'm used to the focus being on me, so I didn't want to bring it up weeks in advance and talk about it all the time," he said.

"I didn't tell anyone about it, I didn't post about it, I've literally just kept living my life as if it didn't happen. At one point it almost felt like a dream. So until it actually airs, I don’t think it will actually hit me."

What has changed, though, is that Ronald has made some friends for life. Primetimer reported that Ronald frequently goes out and supports his fellow 'jurors' at their live performances, and he was even invited to one of their birthday parties.

edy modica, ronald gladden, jury duty
Amazon Freevee

"Ronald turned out to be a prince who is still friends with the people he met making this show," Marsden said in a different interview with USA Today.

Aside from his new friendships and newfound fame, Ronald's Instagram reveals that he's been spending the majority of his time with his dog, Meatball. Adorable.

Speaking about finding Ronald, the show's executive producer Nicholas Hatton said: "With Ronald on this show… we really, really wanted the audience to root for our hero.

"We really wanted them to have a connection with Ronald, we didn't ever want him to feel like he was the butt of the joke… with Ronald we just had that intuition, going to meet him and during interviews, that this is someone who has a core sense of decency and likeability."

Mission accomplished.

Jury Duty is available to watch on Amazon Freevee and Prime Video.

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