From Junior College to Division II: A pitcher’s path to success

SAN ANGELO, TX— Transitioning from McLennan Community College to Angelo State Softball’s prominent division two program, one pitcher’s journey showcases perseverance and highlights how coaching and training methods transformed her abilities.

“Playing at a junior college is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I wouldn’t change it for the world,” said Rambelles pitcher Cheyenne Floyd.

Cheyenne cultivated numerous workout habits throughout her two seasons at McLennan Community College. However, her transition to Division II has led to a notable transformation in her physique.

“At MCC, I weighed like 175. I was pretty big, and then coming here, the weight program was different, the training program was different, and I wasn’t eating as much because we weren’t working out as much. So I lost a lot of weight, which helped me move better. Also, here we pitch every day versus at MCC, we would pitch every other day, or we didn’t have to pitch the day before games,” said Floyd.

For individuals seeking to transfer from a junior college to division two, Floyd emphasizes the importance of adopting healthy habits to facilitate the transition.

“Get in the weight room. The weight room is important. Eat healthy. Feed your body fuel that can be used. Buy into what your coaches are telling you. Trust the process. It’s hard, but it’s worth it in the end,” said Floyd.

Regarding her success this season, Floyd secured her 14th win on March 18th, attributing it to those who share the field with her.

“I trust my teammates. They are the reason I am getting those wins. I am not hitting the ball. I am not making the defensive plays. That’s on them. That’s not a reflection on me. That’s a reflection on them,” said Floyd.

Floyd transferred alongside familiar faces, enhancing the overall experience of the journey together.

“I get to play with Keilei and Erin, my friends from MCC that transferred here, and I know in every single thing I’m not playing for coach Scott, I’m not playing for my parents, I’m not playing for anybody but to glorify God because He is the only reason that I am here,” said Floyd.

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