Julianne Hough's First Date Shares Memories Of Teen Romance With Safe Haven Star

Access Hollywood

On last week's Access Hollywood Live , Julianne Hough revealed she had her first date at 16 with a young man named Creed Archibald.

"It was a basketball game at my high school," Julianne said. "And then I went up to the point, like the makeout point, and I got so nervous that I threw up!"

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Today, Creed -- who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a seventh grade teacher -- shared his side of their first date story with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush.

"I remember that night particularly that when I went in to kiss her, she turned around and got out of the car," Creed told Billy. "She was so nervous. She got out of the car, and I was just mortified. I followed her out like, 'Oh, I'm so sorry, I'll take you home right now,' apologizing, just feeling like I'd totally blown it."

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But what Julianne didn't know - Creed didn't see the "Safe Haven" lose her stomach contents.

"I didn't see the barfing, I think that happened before I followed her out of the car," Creed said.

Then 16, Julianne was a new student at Park City High School and 17-year-old Creed took full advantage of that.

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"How did you convince Julianne Hough to roll with you?" Billy asked.

"I tricked her. It all happened before she realized that I wasn't that cool, because she was new to school," he said. "Had [I waited] any longer, she would have known... but I tricked her before she really could see the truth."

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"Do your students know that you dated Julianne Hough?" Billy asked.

"No, if they see this on TV, it's going to be chaos," he said.

"Every kid in your class will have seen this, and I think it boosts the cred for Creed, don't you?" Billy said.

"I mean, it's gotta help me," Creed said. "It's just funny 'cause kids don't think their teachers are real people that do anything outside of school, so anything personal at all just shocks them, you know? I mean, they think it's hilarious."

Creed said he only dated the dancer-actress for a few months.

"We were teenagers. For me, it's mostly just a funny story you know? People often don't believe it, which is a little insulting for me, but you know, I can understand why," he said.

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