Judge says Canucks co-owner can keep wine in pre-trial divorce hearing

The Canadian Press
Associated Press

VANCOUVER - A B.C. Supreme Court justice says a co-owner of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team won't have to sell more than 1,900 bottles of wine to help pay for his estranged wife's legal fees.

The ruling was one of five made by Justice Nathan Smith during a pre-trial divorce hearing between Francesco Aquilini and Taliah Aquilini.

The couple was married in 1994, separated in January 2011 and will go to trial in September.

Smith also denied Taliah Aquilini any continued use of vacation properties, hockey tickets and access to a private suit at Rogers Arena, and ruled her estranged husband should not be forced to testify about any alleged adultery.

But he has ordered Francesco Aquilini to provide his former wife with a monthly list of significant transactions by the family business.

Francesco Aquilini, his parents and two brothers are partners in the Aquilini Investment Group, and its holdings include the Vancouver Canucks and Rogers Arena.