Judge to rule on Peterson retrial motion

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FILE - In this May 8, 2009 file photo, former Bolingbrook, Ill., police sergeant Drew Peterson arrives at the Will County Courthouse in Joliet, Ill., for his arraignment on charges of first-degree murder in the 2004 death of his former wife Kathleen Savio, who was found in an empty bathtub at home. Peterson's wisecracking, limelight-hogging, sunglasses-wearing lawyers faced the media horde every day of the former suburban Chicago police officer's 2012 trial — one that ended with a murder conviction and a falling out among the erstwhile colleagues. But the lawyerly war of words in public between lead trial counsel Joel Brodsky and former partner-turned-nemesis Steve Greenberg that began within hours of the trial's end will come to a head Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013 at a hearing where the defense will argue Peterson deserves a new trial because Brodsky did a shoddy job. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green, File)

JOLIET, Ill. (AP) — A judge outside Chicago says he'll rule on Drew Peterson's request for a new trial.

The decision Thursday in the former suburban police officer's murder case comes after two days of testimony on the request.

Jurors convicted Peterson in September of murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio, in 2004. He's also a suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

Peterson's current legal team argues he should get a new trial, in part, because Peterson's longtime lead attorney allegedly bungled last year's trial.

If he rejects the retrial motion, Judge Edward Burmila has said he'll immediately sentence Peterson on his murder conviction. The 59-year-old faces a maximum 60-year prison term.

If he's sentenced, several relatives of Savio's plan to address the court, including her brother and sister.