#JoseMariChanChallenge trends on social media

Even in the age of social media virality, it’s difficult to catch trends before they blow up. Here’s one example, though, of one you may start to see more and more on your feed.

As September — and Philippine Christmas season — started over the weekend, posts featuring local singer Jose Mari Chan started to go viral online. Some overachieving netizens, however, were not satisfied with memes and decided to start a dance challenge to a remix of the crooner’s most famous hit, Christmas in Our Hearts.

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The challenge can be traced back to Facebook user Kyo Quijano who on Sunday posted a now-viral video of him dancing to the tune. He included in the caption the hashtags #JoseMariChanChallenge and #ChristmasInOurHeartsChallenge.

In the video, he does a bit of interpretative dancing and a few modern moves inspired by the In My Feelings challenge. He also slips a bit of Silento’s Watch Me “nae nae” moves in there. The video garnered 1.5million views and 35,000 shares as of this article’s posting.

Netizens were amused by the performance:

Kc Lacson said it was the “dance craze we’ve all been waiting for.”

Facebook user Shane said it was the “best dance cover of the century.”

Jamek Ferrer tagged his friend and said in Filipino: “I couldn’t stop laughing especially at the Kiki dance steps part [and] the [Watch Me Whip, Watch Me] Nae Nae [one].”

“IS THIS OUR NEW MORNING CARDIO EXERCISE?!??!!?” Reyshiel Palconan asked a friend.

Michael Flores said that Christmas carolers should do this too.

Others have followed suit and made their own videos.

Here’s Aaron Lambert Ochoa who now has over 9,300 views on his video posted Monday.

Instagram user @jiabebeh also posted a video on social media on the same day, but it went viral on Filipino Tweets That Matter’s Facebook page with over 340,000 views as of this article’s posting.

Radio station MOR101.9 posted their own version of the challenge and did some twerking too:

Think this challenge will catch on? After all, they’ve got the entire Philippine Christmas season, the longest one in the world, to do it.

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