Jordin Sparks took 'baby steps' to lose weight

Jordin Sparks took 'baby steps' to lose weight

Taking health for granted

Celebrity weight loss stories are always inspiring – especially when they're done the healthy way (and in ways we can relate to).

Take Jordin Sparks, for example. The singer and actress told Us Weekly that she took her health for granted, and became very sick in 2010. It was only then that she decided to change her daily habits and take control of her body.

Here's what she did...  

3 Basic small steps

  • She re-evaluated what she was eating. These days, instead of eating food just because it tastes good, she listens to her body first.
  • Although she was sick and felt fatigued, she took baby steps to include some form of physical activity into her day.
  • She started taking walks around her neighbourhood, and when she felt fitter, she added hiking and Zumba to her exercise routine.

Jordin lost a total of around 23 kilograms and is still following her eating and fitness routine today, in an attempt to stay healthy. “It's a day by day thing,” she says.

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