Jonathan Majors domestic violence trial delayed by NYC prosecutors; late evidence production stalls case

Marvel actor Jonathan Majors leaves Manhattan Criminal Court with actress girlfriend Meagan Good.
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  • Marvel star Jonathan Majors attended court in Manhattan with his girlfriend, Meagan Good.

  • Thursday was to be Majors' trial date on his ex-girlfriend's misdemeanor domestic violence case.

  • Majors' attorney Priya Chaudhry blamed the delay on prosecutors' slow sharing of evidence.

A career-threatening domestic-assault trial has been delayed a month for Marvel actor Jonathan Majors.

After a brief court appearance in Manhattan on Thursday morning, with the actor at her side, defense lawyer Priya Chaudhry blamed the delay on prosecutors' failure to turn over evidence for the "Victor Timely" actor in a timely manner.

Prosecutors waited until Wednesday, the day before the scheduled trial, to turn over a two-terabyte hard drive of prosecution evidence, Chaudhry told Insider.

And on Thursday, prosecutors said in court that evidence was still being gathered in the case. A new trial date of September 6 was set.

Majors' girlfriend, actress Meagan Good, accompanied Majors to the downtown Manhattan courthouse Thursday. They left court holding hands.

Neither spoke to reporters, but the lawyer issued a scathing statement against the district attorney's office and the police who arrested her client in the misdemeanor case in March.

The actor's accuser, Grace Jabbari, is the perpetrator, not the victim, in the case, the lawyer insisted, repeating claims of theft and violence she made to Insider in June.

The NYPD is seeking to arrest Jabbari when she returns to the US from the UK, where she lives. That means Jabbari could be arrested as a domestic assault suspect even when she turns up in court to be a witness in her own domestic violence case against Majors.

Majors swore in an affidavit that a "drunk and hysterical" Jabbari slapped and scratched him on the night they fought on a Chinatown street corner, according to cross-complaint paperwork reviewed by Insider.

Majors also swore that he feared for his safety when Jabbari is around, and for the safety of his daughter.

"One hundred and thirty-one days ago, authorities unjustly cuffed Jonathan Majors in his own home, hauling him off to jail based on the word of a woman now hunted by the NYPD," his lawyer said in a press statement issued after court.

"Bravely, Jonathan Majors laid bare to the NYPD the relentless, alcohol-fueled abuse he suffered at the hands of Grace Jabbari, an enduring nightmare in their relationship," the statement said. "Now, as soon as Jabbari sets foot back in New York, the NYPD stands ready to arrest her."

Prosecutors allege that during their street-corner fight, Majors broke Jabbari's right middle finger and struck in the head, causing a laceration to her right ear.

Majors alleges in court documents that Jabbari was uninjured when they parted ways on the street corner, after an argument where she accused him of getting texts from another woman and attempted to steal his phone.

He claims she injured herself while alone in his penthouse apartment after a bout of drinking later that night. The NYPD has found probable cause to arrest Jabbari and investigate these claims.

Majors plays supervillain "Kang the Conqueror" in the Marvel movies. He stars as Kang iteration "Victor Timely" in the second season of "Loki" on Disney+, out this fall.

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