Will Jonathan Kent Be Bi in the Live-Action 'Superman & Lois' Series?

jon kent on Superman and Lois
jon kent on Superman and Lois

Now that Jonathan Kent, the original Superman Clark Kent's son and the current Superman, is bisexual in the comics, will that queerness extend to other projects the character appears in?

That’s the question on fans’ lips, and Superman and Lois actor Jordan Elsass, who plays the role on the CW show, has an answer for us. Unfortunately, it’s not the one we wanted.

"That is the comic version of the character," Elsass told ComicBook.com, when asked if he thought his TV character would also be bisexual. "This character is a different Earth, it's a different version. There's always that possibility, but it's looking like Jonathan Kent this version is most likely straight. We don't even know if he has powers at this point."

The bisexual Jonathan Kent that we knew and love from the comics is slightly different in multiple ways to the one in the TV show. Where comics Jonathan is an only child who developed his powers as a ten-year-old and is now a crime-fighting adult, on the show, he’s a 16-year-old twin. And he has no powers, where his brother Jordan Kent does.

This doesn’t mean bisexual Superman is an impossibility in the Superman & Lois universe. Several of the CW’s superhero shows have had alternate universe versions of their characters show up, and there have been multiple crossovers to different realities, so anything is possible. Plus, the character is a teen, and still has lots of time to figure his sexuality out.

In the comics, Jon Kent is set to come out and begin a same-sex relationship in Superman: Son of Kal-El #5, coming out November 9. In the issue, Superman has mentally and physically burnt out, and needs someone to comfort him.

Just like his father before him, this new Superman falls for a reporter, and is soon in the arms of Jay Nakamura, a pink-haired young man. The issue is written by Tom Taylor with art by John Timms.

Season one of Superman & Lois is currently streaming on HBO Max, and season two will premiere on the CW sometime next year.

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