Jon Stewart Unravels Paul Ryan's 'Makers vs. Takers' Theory

J.K. Trotter
The Atlantic Wire

Congressman Paul Ryan, the failed vice-presidential candidate and known Ayn Rand admirer, did not appreciate President Obama's inaugural speech. He told radio host Laura Ingraham that the President willfully misrepresented his long-held belief that American society is increasingly fractured between those who work hard and contribute to society and those who, via safety-net programs, leech off the toil of others. "No one is suggesting that what we call our earned entitlements — entitlements you pay for, you know, like payroll taxes for Medicare and Social Security — are ... putting you in a 'taker' category," he said on Ingraham's show yesterday.

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Well. Daily Show host Jon Stewart isn't so sure, and has video evidence of Ryan's past remarks to back it up:

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