Jon Stewart Returns to Slam House GOP on Sandy Aid

J.K. Trotter
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Jon Stewart Returns to Slam House GOP on Sandy Aid

It's been three weeks since The Daily Show last aired, and Jon Stewart was clearly hankering to address one of the most frustrating of many moments of inter- and intra-party squabbling of the new year. Case in point: the refusal of 67 House Republicans to vote for a bill that would add $9.7 billion to the federal flood insurance fund.

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"This is just a simple, down-the-middle, black-and-white, cut-and-dry, warm cup of What Would Jesus, Or Any Other Human Being That Isn't an Asshole Do?" Stewart inveighed. "And you blew it."

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Stewart devoted special ire to Mississippi Congressman Steve Palazzo, who voted against the flood insurance bill despite requesting precisely the same sort of funding for his home state in May of last year, on behalf of damage caused by Hurricane Katrina over seven years ago.

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Here's the full segment:

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