Jon Stewart on When to Pick Winners and Losers

Serena Dai
The Atlantic Wire
Jon Stewart on When to Pick Winners and Losers

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan doesn't like that Obama uses the government to pick which industries win and which industries lose, and Jon Stewart looked at just why it's a problem last night on The Daily Show. Turns out, it's a philosophical issue. Government money shouldn't be going into specific industries like green energy companies.

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So where should money go? You know, technology and science research, Pell grants, infrastructure. Wait, hold on. "That's picking winners and losers!" Stewart said. "Investing in roads, rails, and  air traffic is saying yes to cars, trains, and planes but f**k the bicycles. It may be a good decision but it's still picking winners and losers, and the government has always done that."

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Every decision government makes picks winners and losers, Stewart said. But maybe Romney and Ryan don't think we should have picked winners and losers in World War II. Stewart goes dark: "Unlike them, I'm glad we beat Hitler."

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