Jon Stewart Is Not impressed with Tucker Carlson's Race-Baiting

Serena Dai
The Atlantic Wire
Jon Stewart Is Not impressed with Tucker Carlson's Race-Baiting

Jon Stewart was not impressed with Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson "racially charged" video of Barack Obama from 2007 that turned out to be a widely reported speech. In fact, Stewart pointed out last night on The Daily Show that Obama sounded just like a "notorious black liberation theologist": George W. Bush.

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In the 2007 video, Obama talked about investing in jobs in New Orleans and supporting minority-owned businesses. In 2005, Bush said the same thing: New Orleans had a historical racial discrimination that resulted in poverty, and minority-owned businesses should be a part of rebuilding.

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Of course, "Obama's real crime was not the content and the message, but the rhythm," Stewart said. Hannity and Carlson accused Obama of speaking in black tones. Stewart: "If you actually do believe that a candidate speaking black before black voters disqualifies them from being president, I have unearthed a video that just might turn this presidential race upside down." In 2008, Romney was taped saying "bling bling" and singing "Who Let the Dogs Out?" to black voters.

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"Did you know Mitt Romney was one of the original Baja men?" Stewart said. "Not the band. He just keeps his money in Baja."

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