Jon Stewart Joins the Word War with Bob Woodward

J.K. Trotter

Jon Stewart and the rest of the media finally have something in common: they are offended. Just not by the same thing. On last night's episode, the Daily Show host weighed the media outrage over the past week, focusing on the media's reaction to journalism icon Bob Woodward (who on Wednesday deliberately misquoted an email sent to him by White House advisor Gene Sperling in order to portray Sperling as a bully) and House Speaker John Boehner (who exhorted the Democratic-controlled Senate on Tuesday to "get [off] their ass" and pass a bill that addresses sequestration). "When did the tough-edged corporate media become such delicate flowers?" Stewart asked in his Lindsey Graham-inspired Southern drawl.

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Watch his segment on Woodward:

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And his piece on Boehner:

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