Jon Stewart and the Ghosts of Presidential Scandals Past

Esther Zuckerman

Jon Stewart last night turned his attention to Ronald Reagan "fan fiction" author (and, you know, Wall Street Journal columnist) Peggy Noonan, who is angry at Barack Obama for his recent scandals, but gives her former boss a pass for a little thing like Iran-Contra.

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When it comes to Obama, "she's more upset than your mom when she caught you jerking off with one hand and smoking a joint with the other hand," Stewart said. But she blames Reagan's involvement in Iran-Contra on "bad luck." 

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Of course, when you think of how Noonan has written about Reagan in her books, it all makes sense. In one case she asks you to "imagine a man no one hates." Stewart might think Ryan Gosling, but she actually means Reagan. "Here's the deal. You can't really get so upset about Obama if you've written the book Fifty Shades of Greygan," Stewart concluded. 

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