Jon Stewart Explains the GOP's Lady Problems for Fox

Alexander Abad-Santos
Jon Stewart Explains the GOP's Lady Problems for Fox

Last week's election remains on the minds of Fox News correspondents who still can't figure out why Republicans lost. Now, it seems, they're looking for  someone to blame  ways to broaden their base. Jon Stewart is here to help them figure out how to woo single women. 

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After explaining why Asians, Latinos (Hispanics), and minorities didn't vote for Romney, the researchers over at Fox figured out that Mitt Romney also lost big when it came to single women. Why somehow all got translated into a simple message: Single women are irresponsible single-issue voters who vote solely on birth control and abortion. Well, that's not going to fly. With an assist from Kristen Schaal, here's the Daily Show's valiant attempt at helping Republicans "vajazzle their message." 

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