Jon Stewart Chews Out Papa John's

Serena Dai
Jon Stewart Chews Out Papa John's

Is paying extra for pizza worth the rising healthcare costs? Jon Stewart answered Papa John's claim that Obamacare will raise pizza costs last night on The Daily Show: Uh, yeah, it's worth it. "You're saying I have to pay an extra 11 to 14 cents so that the guy who makes my pizza can get antibiotics to keep him from hacking up lung tissue onto my pizza?" he said. "Outrageous!" But Stewart reminds viewers that other factors are driving up pizza prices, too. Like the drought, which has lowered crop yields and was partly caused by global warming. So, to recap, a more expensive pizza because of healthcare is "outrageous." "But it costs a lot more because human activity is burning our planet to an uninhabitable husk."

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