Jon Stewart Brings Back Susan Rice's Benghazi Nightmare

J.K. Trotter
February 15, 2013

Daily Show host Jon Stewart can be a pretty serious interviewer, you know. Last night his guest was U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, who came under fire last fall for her performance on several Sunday talk shows following the September attack on the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya. And while this wasn't exactly a McCainian grilling, Stewart did get rather obsessed with Washington's obsession with her talk-show explanation. "Why is there a bureaucratic system that is so tenacious with the explanation, but yet seemingly abdicates a little bit of responsibility for the initial [attack]?" Stewart asked Rice.

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Watch her response, and the rest of the interview, below:

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Following the lengthy exchange, Stewart attempted (and failed) the Harlem Shake, as if it wasn't enough of a dead meme already:

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