Join TakePart for a #MandelaDay Twitter Chat – Today at 1 p.m. PDT

Takepart.comJuly 17, 2012

Can you imagine spending 67 years fighting for a cause you believe in? That's exactly what Nelson Mandela has done for the cause of human rights.

In honor of the great South African leader's birthday, people around the world are honoring the Mandela legacy by committing 67 minutes of service in their local communities.

This year, on Mandela's 93rd birthday, Dermalogica, joinFITE, and Kiva have come together for an exciting way to celebrate Mandela Day. Dermalogica is providing 670 free loans through Kiva to support the human right of financial independence.

Today, at 1 p.m. PST/ 4 p.m. EDT, @TakePart, @Dermalogica, @joinFITE, and @Kiva will be participating in a Twitter chat to discuss this exciting initiative, as well as Nelson Mandela, ways to give back, and more. You can participate by following all four accounts on Twitter and using the hashtag #MandelaDay

Have any questions for any of the groups participating? Leave a comment below, or send us an @reply on Twitter.

A Boston native, Amy has worked in the film industry's social media space since 2008. As TakePart's Digital Community Coordinator, she combines her passion for social good with her knack for connecting ideas and people. Email Amy | @amyeicher