John McAfee Rushed to Hospital After Apparent Heart Attack in Prison

Rebecca Greenfield
The Atlantic Wire
John McAfee Rushed to Hospital After Apparent Heart Attack in Prison

Just hours after Guatemala's government denied John McAfee asylum, the rogue anti-virus pioneer was sent to a hospital there Thursday afternoon for a possible heart attack, reports ABC News's Matt Guttman, who also took that photo of him in the ambulance. Earlier in the day McAfee had complained of chest pains. Later, guards found him "prostrate on the floor of his cell and unresponsive." Leading up to his arrest Wednesday night, McAfee has been leading a particularly stressful couple of weeks, what with him fleeing the police, hiding, and escaping to another country — all on the lam (with and without Vice magazine reporters) after he was questioned for murdering a neighbor in Belize. We imagine getting the unfortunate news Thursday morning that Guatemalan officials would have to deport him back to Belize didn't help the situation. (Also, let's not forget McAfee has not treated his body so well in his 67 years —there was a bath-salts phase.) It's difficult, however, to overlook this illuminating bit of information, via Guttman's Twitter feed: 

McAfee appeared unresponsive, but when nurses undressed him, he said quite clearly, "please not in front of the press"…

— Matt Gutman (@mattgutmanABC) December 6, 2012

We'll update when we know any more details of McAfee's condition. 

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Before the hospital incident, McAfee would have been transfered back to Belize — and directly into the hands of the police — later today. That, of course, is the last thing McAfee wants, since he has spent the last two weeks evading these officers who say they just want to talk to the man about the murder of his neighbor, Gregory Faull. (McAfee believes that they want to do more than just that to him.) And now it sounds like the police might have amassed some charges against him. "There is more that we know about the investigation, but that remains part of the police work," said Belize's government spokesman Raphael Martinez.