John McAfee Just Got Arrested

Adam Clark Estes
December 6, 2012
John McAfee Just Got Arrested

Everybody's favorite fugitive John McAfee is a fugitive no more. Guatemalan police took the 67-year-old into custody on Wednesday not for evading authorities in Belize, where he's wanted for questioning related to the murder of American ex-pat Gregory Faull, but rather for entering the country illegally. VICE reporter Robert King, who's been hanging out with McAfee down in Guatemala, broke the news on Facebook, and it was soon confirmed by the country's interior minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla. McAfee very publicly announced on Tuesday that he was seeking political asylum in Guatemala, just a day after VICE inadvertently revealed his secret location in the metadata of a photo posted online. It's not clear what happens next, but we're sure McAfee is in good hands. After all, his lawyer used to be Guatemala's attorney general

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Further details are scarce for now, but we'll update this post as we learn more.