John Kirby casts doubt on China-Russia 'alliance'

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STORY: Kirby said China and Russia are using each other to push back on the US.

"I think for all the bluster about a no-limits relationship, I mean there clearly are limits to what President Xi has proven that he is willing to do in terms of bolstering up Mr. Putin. Now look, these are two nations that see common cause in pushing back on American leadership around the world, and leadership of the West, and leadership of NATO. So, they are sort of using one another to chafe and to bristle at American leadership around the world. But it remains to be seen how much of a true alliance we have here. These are two nations that want to challenge the international rules-based order, in one case China. They actually have the resources and capabilities to mount an effective challenge. President Putin sees that, he knows that. And that's why we believe he's cozying up a little bit more to President Xi."