Joel Brodsky facing contempt charges

WGN Investigates has an update on the ongoing battle between Drew Peterson, his former attorney and a judge seeking to silence the lawyer.

It all stems from a WGN Investigates interview in which the former attorney Joel Brodsky, threatened to reveal what he knows about the murder and disappearance of two of Peterson’s wives.

In the 2022 interview, Brodsky said he was considering breaking attorney-client privilege and sharing what he knows about the murder of third wife Kathleen Savio and this still unsolved disappearance of fourth wife Stacy.

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“I feel bad about Drew still not taking responsibility and Stacy still being missing,” he said. “I’m thinking about maybe revealing what happened to Stacy and where she is.”

The interview resulted in a Will County judge issuing a gag order that Brodsky was back in court fighting Wednesday

“Judge Carlson obviously has very strong feelings about the attorney client-privilege. I think in certain situations you should be able to – it shouldn’t apply,” Brodsky said.

NewsNation’s Ashleigh Banfield interviewed Peterson in prison recently where he again claimed his innocence. Peterson is currently making a bid for a new trial on his conviction in third wife’s murder. Court records show he’s arguing Brodsky erred by not allowing him to testify.

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Brodsky denies he should’ve let Peterson testify.

Comments Brodsky made hinting at Peterson’s guilt led to the motion to charge Brodsky with indirect criminal contempt of court.

“I argue there should be an exception in a case where you have a missing person and the guy never getting out of jail,” Brodsky said. “But so far the court hasn’t agreed with it.”

Drew Peterson’s war of words with former attorney

Brodsky will be back in court on the indirect contempt of court charge April 1.

Between now and then, the judge told him not to leave the country without notifying the court  or make any further comments about his representation of Peterson.

Brodsky said he’s not running from this.

Also Wednesday, a judge denied a request by Peterson’s public defender for access to the un-edited Peterson interview from WGN and NewsNation and agreed with WGN’s attorney’s argument that it’s protected under the Illinois reporters’ Shield Law.

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