What is Joe30330? Biden misspeaks while pitching his text number for voters, college student pounces

Joe Biden misspoke in his closing statement at Wednesday’s Democratic debate, mistakenly telling voters to go to Joe30330, rather than “text Joe30330.”

Minutes later, typing Joe30330.com into a web browser brought you to a fundraising page for South Bend, Indiana, mayor Pete Buttigieg's campaign.

But minutes later, it changed again, redirecting to the website of 21-year-old Joshua Fayer, a public relations major at Syracuse University. His website says that he’s "'not joshin’ you’ about running for president."

In an interview with USA TODAY, Fayer said he and a friend bought the website domain after Biden's closing statement and redirected it to Buttigieg's website. They decided soon after, however, "that wouldn't be such a good idea."

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Fayer said he originally launched JoshForAmerica.com as an April Fool's Day joke earlier this year.

Asking voters to text a custom number is a common way for campaigns to gather donor information.

Supporters texting to Joe Biden's campaign received a fundraising solicitation.
Supporters texting to Joe Biden's campaign received a fundraising solicitation.

But Biden’s flub sent people to a website that didn't exist – at least not as an arm of his campaign.

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If you send a text to Joe30330 now, you will get a fundraising pitch from the Biden campaign, asking for support and to donate to his effort.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Democratic debate: Joe30330? Joe Biden appears to misspeak number