Joe Flacco or Joe Biden: Delaware, Who Ya Got?

Connor Simpson
The Atlantic Wire
Joe Flacco or Joe Biden: Delaware, Who Ya Got?

The Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens arrived for their customary visit to the White House on Wednesday, only for President Obama set up a battle of the Joes, for the eternal affection of Delmarva and beyond.

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The president congratulated the team for their long, up-and-down, and ultimately successful season in front of a massive press gaggle — and the entire Maryland delegation, of course. Obama was singling out players for their individual accomplishments, as he often does at these events.

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And then he arrived upon quarterback Joe Flacco, who parlayed his insane post-season performance into a mammoth new contract worth $120 million — and then Obama warned he might be encroaching upon another Big Joe famous for his Delaware routes and made even more famous by way of the Beltway. 

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"I'd say that if you keep on playing like that, you're going to challenge Biden for the most popular person from Delaware," the president joked. Flacco was born in and raised in New Jersey, but he came up through the University of Delaware, Biden's alma matter. Between the two, a Super Bowl winning quarterback and the Vice President, they easily surpass Judge Reinhold as Delaware's most famous export.

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