Three job search tips that could help you score an interview

Remake America

Submitting an application over the Internet is the beginning of the job search process, not the end, says career expert Tory Johnson.

One job seeker in the Remake America series had submitted hundreds of resumes and cover letters through job portals. She was ready to call it quits on the process and herself.

But Tory's first rule is: Avoid an over-reliance on the Internet. Pressing "send" on a job application is not the end game, but it's part of the process to turn a job application into a job interview. After submitting an application, try using professional online social networks like LinkedIN, or even cold calling, to discover the key people inside the organization. Then, target them with focus and polite consistency with the goal of making yourself noticed favorably.

You have to stand out, Tory says. And the way to do that is through face-to-face events. Be they professional networking events or another form of professional and social gathering, you meet people who will want to help you and hire you when you're your best asset, Tory says.

The third tip is to never lose sight of your goals. Whether you're like Leslie who's an experienced realtor or you're considering launching a small business, Tory says job seekers must never let obstacles interfere with opportunities.