Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Trump’s ‘Mind-Boggling’ Tucker Carlson Sit-Down


“Remember Tucker Carlson? The guy who texted everyone at Fox he hated Trump?” Jimmy Kimmel asked his viewers Tuesday night. “Well, Tucker had Trump on for an ‘I’m sorry reach around’ tonight and asked the former president about his first of what should be many arrests this year.”

With that, the late-night host cut to a clip of Trump claiming in a post-arrested interview on Fox News that “people were crying” and apologizing to him at the Manhattan courthouse where he was arraigned last week.

“They were actually laughing,” Kimmel joked in response. “Sometimes that looks like crying, you know. Sometimes if you laugh hard enough, it turns into crying, but it starts as laughing.”

He continued, “Can you imagine this man thinks people were crying because he got in trouble for golf course-humping a porn star? It’s mind-boggling! And it never stops.”

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Elsewhere in the monologue, Kimmel shared reports that the former president “begged” his wife Melania Trump to attend an Easter brunch in public with him, saying “really needed” her to be there for him. “And she said, ‘I really needed you to keep that tiny little mushroom inside your golf khakis and you didn’t do that for me.’”

“Melania Trump might be the only woman in the world who got a better prenup after she got married,” the host added. “That’s the art of the deal.”

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