Jesse Watters corrected by Fox News co-hosts for comments about women and cars

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Fox host Jesse Watters was shut down by his female co-hosts on Wednesday during a rant about electric cars when he said women in relationships “don’t control which car to buy.”

During a discussion about electric vehicles on The Five, Mr Watters went on a tirade about how no one buys electric vehicles, due to the inconvenience of accessing chargers.

The show’s hosts were debating the Biden administration’s plans to have two-thirds of new cars electric by 2032 to cut down on their greenhouse gas emissions and meet climate targets.

Yet The Five pointed out that the targets both regionally and nationally may not be met because no one wants to buy electric vehicles, with Mr Watters saying the only people who buy them are “liberal suburban househusbands.”

“So the men in the suburbs – a lot of them drive pickup trucks. If they don’t drive a truck, they’re a conservative, and they’re not buying an electric car,” he said.

Jesse Watters defends his ‘women don’t chose cars’ comment as co host Greg Gutfield falls off his chair laughing (Fox News)
Jesse Watters defends his ‘women don’t chose cars’ comment as co host Greg Gutfield falls off his chair laughing (Fox News)

“So now you’re just having this market here: this is liberal, suburban house husbands. Those are the only people in the market for an electric car. That’s not a big market!”

He emphasised “house husbands” as he believes that “usually the women don’t control which car to buy,” in which he received major backlash from co-host Jeanine Pirro and Jessica Tarlov.

“Really? That’s not true,” Ms Tarlov could be heard saying.

“Wrong, wrong, wrong! Let it go!” Pirro said, raising her voice over Mr Watters, who continued defending his theory.

“Sometimes it’s a collaboration!” Mr Watters said with a smirk.

“Fine! Fine! The women choose the cars! You’re right! Yeah, sure,” he said mockingly at his co-hosts.

Mr Watters then continued to claim that women he knows are not “tech people”.

“They’re not like ‘ooh, let’s get an electric vehicle’. No, that’s not what they’re about,” he said.

While he was eliminating other demographics from the electric vehicle market, he also made a jab at older people, claiming their apparent lack of “tech” skills prohibits them from buying an EV.

“Older people are not buying electric cars. It’s just too different. They can barely do email,” he said.

Mr Watters has landed in hot water in the past for making insensitive comments about women.

Last year, he made claims that Democratic policies were designed to “keep women single,” and received huge backlash on X.

He also said on an episode of The Five in August 2022 that a woman should get married and get pregnant before she is “ripe” enough to run for president of the United States.