New Jersey lottery sales pulled in $3.6 billion. Here's where all the money goes

New Jersey lottery sales pulled in $3.634 billion during the fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2022, according to the annual report released by the lottery agency on Thursday.

While that amount of money is staggering, it was actually down 1.3% from the prior year. However, the money the New Jersey Lottery contributed to the state was a record $1.11 billion. The reason? Massive Powerball jackpots brought in higher sales and there was an uptick in unclaimed prizes after record sales in fiscal year 2021 (Lottery tickets expire after a year).

Where does lottery money go?

The New Jersey Lottery says the money will go to help fund the state’s public employee pension system for public employees, such as teachers, police officers and firefighters.

“The contribution increase helps to improve the fiscal health of the State and therefore benefits all residents of New Jersey,” said Executive Director James A. Carey in a statement.

How much did lottery players win?

The New Jersey Lottery paid out $2.209 billion during the 2022 fiscal year. Of that figure 59 lottery players won $1 million or higher, including a $9.4 million Pick-6 winner and two grand prize Cash4Life winners who won $7 million each. Lottery winners in New Jersey can now remain anonymous.

Retailers also earned $213 million in commissions, according to the annual report.

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Scratch-off lottery tickets pulled in over $2 billion in sales for the second straight year.

Powerball added Monday nights to have three drawings a week and sales hit $241 million in the state after a year with several huge jackpots.

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