Jerry Lorenzo: "I Think Bieber Is a Great Example of What Fear of God Can Do for One’s Style"

Fear of God founder Jerry Lorenzo talks to "GQ" about the brand's Fourth Collection and its expansion into footwear and denim.

When we were first introduced to Fear of God back in 2013, we were immediately drawn to its fresh interpretation of L.A. grunge. There were leather-detailed hoodies, elongated tanks, distressed pants, and flannel shirts. What wasn’t there to love?

Two years later, we’re glad to see that founder Jerry Lorenzo hasn’t abandoned that ‘90s aesthetic, and has, in fact, honed and expanded it for the brand’s Fourth Collection revealed earlier today.

In honor of the range’s unveiling, GQ magazine caught up with Lorenzo to dish about the inspiration behind Fear of God, how it has evolved, and how other brands have attempted to replicate its signature aesthetic. But one of the most interesting parts of the Q&A is when Lorenzo reveals which celebrity he thinks wears Fear of God particularly well. And it’s not Kanye West.

“I think [Justin] Bieber does a really good job,” he tells GQ. “He’s matured so much and I love that my fashion can help communicate what he’s doing in some way. He knows his influence and how cool he is, but he doesn't need fashion to express that. I feel like Fear of God is just that. He’s not doing too much with it, but it looks dope. I think Bieber is a great example of what Fear of God can do for one’s style. Say something, but don’t say too much.”

You can read the full Q&A at GQ’s website.

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